What’s on my iPhone

What’s on my <span class=iPhone">

These are all the apps currently on my iPhone. There are many, many notes with links. If there isn’t a note on an app leave a comment and I’ll add one. I just did my favorites at the moment. To get a closer look, see the original size.

Tip: to get an idea for what I added notes to see tags at the right.

Here’s a guide:
* I use MobileMe to keep my calendar, contacts, preferences, and other data in sync. I went without it for 6 months… it is worth the cost.
* Screens 1-3 contain my general use apps.
* Screens 3-4 contain music creation apps
* Screens 5-6 contain my video game apps
* Screen 6-7 board game apps (some of which are video games)
* The end of screen 7 is trial apps and apps I’m trying out.
* I arrange each section alphabetically. I tried one large alpha index but found that the categories help.
* The only app I have liked that I do not have installed (because I beat it!) is Flight of The Amazon Queen. If you like Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion try it out.
* Some of these will get deleted next time I clean up. I keep games around because my taste and time available to play them changes.
* I’ve been making music with just the iPhone, and sometimes using Ableton Live to record and overlay tracks.
* I prefer music instrument apps over ones that sequence.
* I keep plenty of different music apps on there in case the desire to make that kind of sound strikes me.
* I misaligned the last screenshot in Photoshop before closing out and didn’t save my progress. It is driving me crazy.

Posted by Erik Mallinson on 2009-09-30 20:51:09

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