UWatch U8 / Ciyoyo U8S Smart Watch for Android / iOS Unboxing and Hands-On Review

Amazon link (Free Prime 2 Day Shipping, currently $15.99): Do you want an Apple Watch, but only have a $16 budget? Try out this bizarro watch! Unboxing: 0:33 Music…


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23 Thoughts to “UWatch U8 / Ciyoyo U8S Smart Watch for Android / iOS Unboxing and Hands-On Review”

  1. Anti lost is for if you accidentally walk away from your phone while the watch is on your wrist and connected to the phone via Bluetooth, your watch should vibrate warning you you have left your phone behind somewhere. Pub perhaps? Or friends house?

  2. Yeah play music through the watch on a bus and see how long you last.

  3. Are you serious
    I bought it of 6$
    You got scammed
    Watch the cheaper product before you check it

  4. Fair warning ii bought one of these same name different seller uwatches and after a month the battery turned iinto the note 7 equivalent in a watch it swell and I had to turn it off

  5. I have a iPhone 5s does this watch let u read messages via threw the watch I'm ordering the watch threw wish

  6. What app do you use ??????? Bc mine just keeps disconnecting on my iPhone 6s plus help

  7. What can i do if application camera in u8 can work for iphone? it must download bt notice, but i dont know bt notice i must choose

  8. I ordered it last night and it's going to reach to my home 15 feb and can't wait!

  9. The User Guide was spelt 'User Cuide' lol

  10. I just got mine a few hours ago and the speaker doesn't work. 😥

  11. You paid $30 for it I paid eight dollars for mine

  12. How do you get it to pair with an iPhone 7?

  13. Can u message if it's connected to iOS

  14. Does it work with Galaxy S7 Edge?

  15. Does this watch have WiFi support

  16. Does this watch have WiFi support

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