Unbelievably Useful iPhone Tips #1

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iPhone tips to make your Apple lifestyle even better! Sponsor: HALO EFFECT – My iPhone case: My swinging …


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26 Thoughts to “Unbelievably Useful iPhone Tips #1”

  1. I get questions about these repeatedly, so here you go!
    My iPhone case:
    My swinging desk sculpture:
    My digital art frames… have been discontinued. Try these instead:

  2. Wow I'm shock didn't know half of the things you showed in your Video!, also make some videos about DJi Mavic pro 2 zoom I have it but I'm still learning!
    Nice VIDEO!

  3. Yo the Dwight bobble head tho

  4. I always have to rewatch these, I’ll sub so it’s easier lol. Thanks!

  5. Accesibility -> Reduce white point -> set to almost minimum. Add a accesibility shortcut with three home button presses= your eyes will thank you at night.

  6. Tapping the status bar (anywhere, even on the iPhone X) to scroll to the top of the page has been a feature since like… iPhone 3G

  7. I can't stop watching your videos dude

  8. This was very informal. But, I'm a SERIOUS apple sheep so, I already knew all of them. 😂

  9. 4:10 wauw. I think this has been a feature since iOS 1 or 2

  10. That second feature has been around for ages lol

  11. The thumbnail brought me here

  12. Expandable keyboard shortcuts is the reason I use Safari on macOS, and when it was added to SwiftKey on Android, I was so happy!

  13. The keyboard one was great

  14. I didn’t know about none of those tips like wow

  15. It’s really good on the iPad Pro specially if you’ve got dyslexia or the same words that you’ve never heard or seen before it’s just a great addition to the iPhone too Plus you can always proof read the text x

  16. Great job. Appreciated. No. Had no idea of the keyboard thing!!

  17. I knew all of these except the highlighting part lol

  18. How can we get the wallpapers for iPhone 6s?

  19. To automatically scroll to the top, you can just touch under the notch. You don’t necessarily have to touch the time.

  20. with swiftkey you can 3 d touch in the keyboard too

  21. 1:21 Wait iphones can do that? aww I have a 5S

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