Traveling + Packing Lifehacks! 2016

Hey I’m Kat! ☺ ❤ Have you seen my previous video?! ❤ Can we get this to 200 thumbs up?! ************************************************************…


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29 Thoughts to “Traveling + Packing Lifehacks! 2016”

  1. oooo sry am pretty late but love the vid&u 😍😍 ly

  2. Thank you because I'm going to the mainland in 1day for two weeks😁✈️

  3. what song is in the intro.. nice video btw

  4. yaaaayy!!!! Going to la soon!!!
    Love your channel

  5. This video didn't help me personally but great job

  6. Omg thanks sooo much kat this will help sooo much for my trip I go on in a week

  7. hey I really love your videos I was wondering if you wanna collab

  8. This will help me a lot! I'm traveling in less than 3 weeks. Thank you! btw your editing is amazing as always and you're so pretty!

  9. I just gOT off a plane when I was watching this

  10. Amazing video Kat! The necklace and the water bottle one are sooo helpful. never thought about it before

  11. I wish I was traveling soon so I could use all these 🙁 lol

  12. Perfect timing! I'm going on a three day trip in 9 days and a three week trip to Europe in July!

  13. OMG this is perfect <3 Love it .. check out my new video if you want to <3

  14. Love this Kat! I wish I had these hacks when I went to Florida! 😂😂😂 BTW you are sooo pretty! 💁🏼

  15. I love this so much !! Slay kat slay !

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