Tips For Improving Your iPhone Battery Life

A long lasting phone battery is best if you want your device to last longer with fewer complications and losses. You can save power and enjoy a long-lasting battery for your iPhone with a few simple ideas that you can implement starting now.

Use Solar Chargers for your iPhone
When you use solar chargers, you will benefit from the convenience of charging from any location, so that if your battery is low, you do not need to wait to find a plug for your device. Another advantage of this is that you reduce your electricity usage and in turn conserves the environment.

Turn Off Wireless Applications
Your iPhone comes with wireless applications such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which consume the battery. If you keep these applications off whenever they are not in use, you can prolong the life of your cell by several hours. Some will recommend that you turn off your 3G connection as well, but this will depend on how frequently you use it. 3G does indeed take up some of the battery energy, and you can opt to turn it off if possible.

Charge Your Phone When It Is Completely Out
It is advisable to wait until your iPhone's battery has run out before you charge it because if you plug it in when it is half full or more, the cell's life will shorten. Only charge your phone when the battery is down so that it can last longer, which is why solar powered chargers are advise in this case. You will need to have a charger handy when your phone's battery is running low.

Shorter Phone Calls
One more tip is to shorten the phone calls you make on your iPhone. The longer you speak, the more of the battery you consume. This will take some discipline and getting used to, but when you do shorten the calls, your battery will serve you for longer. You could start by only making calls when you need to.

Try these tips to improve the life of your iPhone battery, and your phone will serve you for years to come.

Source by Britney Kalo

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