SMOVE stabilization gimbal on iPhone 6 Plus – First impression

I got my SMOVE gimbal today and here is the first impression. since this is a 2 axis stabilizer do not expect the same level of stabilization like you get from a 3 axis gimbal such as what…


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5 Thoughts to “SMOVE stabilization gimbal on iPhone 6 Plus – First impression”

  1. I like it however your frame rate is killing the review.

  2. can not get the phone to connect to the smove through the app

  3. Works quite decent, that is also my experience. Smove app is too basic and very limited. Attention: video setting "high quality" = 4K! On my wishlist for the Smove app: white balance, focus and exposure lock, and bluetooth compatibility with other apps such as FilMic Pro! Greetings from Belgiums first "Smover". 😉

  4. Interested to know how the shoot went with the smove.

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