Purchased SE 128GB over 4 months in the past, continue to backordered

So, I ordered the Iphone SE 128GB from the Apple web page in early December, and there have been no shown out of inventory messages on the web site when I ordered, or now. I was just questioning if, given that its however on backorder, I should just go and get 1 from a actual physical retailer as a substitute or what my other alternatives are? Recent cellular phone has a broken display screen and is over 3 decades aged, so I was actually hoping to have a new one a whilst in the past

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5 Thoughts to “Purchased SE 128GB over 4 months in the past, continue to backordered”

  1. Wouldn’t hurt to go in to see if you can grab one from the store. I personally wouldn’t have waited this long for a backorder. Could possibly have been a glitch somewhere and your order just never got processed.

  2. Probably a glitch, I ordered 2 128 GB SE’s for my parents a month ago with no issues, they arrived quickly

  3. I’d cancel and wait. Something in that size and price range is just around the corner.

  4. FYI – if you’re willing to use a 32GB SE while you’re waiting, in the US you can get one for $150, $130, or even free (depending on your carrier/provider).

  5. Why did you buy a new SE from apple?

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