Master to SWIM BUTTERFLY in 3 actions – tutorial lesson for Newbies Young ones or Grownups

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32 Thoughts to “Master to SWIM BUTTERFLY in 3 actions – tutorial lesson for Newbies Young ones or Grownups”

  1. I like when you simplify the complicated techniques by deviding them into clear steps

  2. Amazing explanation!! most swimming tutorial is explained by either unqualified swimmers or extremely professional ones who make things sound overwhelming for beginners. LOVE the pum pum!!!!!

  3. This is awesome! I am going to try this out tomorrow. Thanks for the knowledge transfer.

  4. thankyou , i'm learning so much from you! ♡

  5. The best tutorial for bigginers. 1 pum pum, 2 pum pum. I will remember that teacher

  6. Sir.. Respect from my side for explaining it very nicely.. Thank you very much

  7. Poom poom . 2+2 is 4-1 thats three quick mafs

  8. Finally, i found out the easiest way to learn butterly swim, 1 1 2, thanks u so much from Việt Nam

  9. I love your pum pum and keek keek

  10. That's not how you do the dolphin kick wth

  11. I'm not looking to be a competitive swimmer. I just really want to learn butterfly. I do a fair breaststroke and backstroke. Any tips for someone who is about 80 pounds overweight working on butterfly? Thanks.

  12. Nice poom poom… gonna to poom that boom today! Hope i can do it

  13. Try to feel the poom poom

  14. I stopped at the doplhin kick explanation. He does it wrong.

  15. I love your accent !!! Love it !

  16. Nice presentation, well explained, great pool!

  17. Thank you for the systematic teaching. It gives us non-butterfly swimmer a good start to try on. You are the best!

  18. Great job
    I'll try this & hope it helps
    Thanks for your simple & easy way of teaching.
    Good luck.

  19. Brilliant video. I've watched three of your videos and they will all help to make me a more effective swimmer. You're a natural teacher. Keep up the fine work.

  20. thank you. all I needed for dolphin. full and short. 🙂

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