iPhone SE Unboxing + Review! | iJustine

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48 Thoughts to “iPhone SE Unboxing + Review! | iJustine”

  1. I have an iPhone SE atm and I’m dyyyyiiiinnnng 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. It's on the Samsung tablet but I would rather be watching this on my space gray iPhone SE

  3. 2:34 That’s what she said.

    Both literally and figuratively. 😏😏😏😏😏

  4. This phone is great for children why can't we have an iPhone SE 2 it would be so much better basically a replica of the iPhone 8 or X i hope one day

  5. the iPhone se is perfect for my dad cuz one, he only does the basics, two when he is working he can have the little phone is his pocket and not notice it's even there once he tried having a Samsung phone and when he was driving his forklift it sliped out of his pocket and he drove over itso this phone is ideal for hard and busy workers

  6. 3:06 is the charging place on the se bigger than the 5s

  7. I used to have a iPhone 5 and iPhone SE but they are both disabled.

  8. Iphone se design is the best design apple has ever made

  9. Gosh cant stand her calling it small over and over

  10. that couch in the back round thoe

  11. The iPhone se is my first iPhone but I am getting the 8pluse

  12. This video makes me feel so much better about my iPhone SE in 2019 😂

  13. I have the iphone SE black its my first iphone and its my dad’s old phone but it still works so good and also idc how big my phone is i care about how i can use it right justine? How you notice me❤️😘

  14. I here in 2018 and I have the se

  15. Best iPhone I ever used I switch over from android, I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to use and moves so smoothly.The screen is amazing. The phone looks amazing and still feels sturdy even though it is made of glass!>>> I will be keeping this phone. I love it!

  16. Since we are comparing the iPhone SE to other phones…

    Compare the iPhone SE to the iPod 6th Generation

  17. I didnt even know this was real

  18. Is no one gonna talk about the big knife 😂

  19. An iPhone 6s in an iPhone 5s body

  20. Yeah even that phone is much more expensive than mine and mine is $150 and it's a bigger phone and that SE is $300 here for that itty bitty thing

  21. her voice gets me a headache

  22. I love how she is babying the iphone SE 😂😂

  23. Who’s watching on an SE?

  24. Iphone se 📱 is the same as iPhone 5

  25. I LOVE THE IPHONE SE!!! SUCH GOOD INTERNAL ORGANS… that sounded wrong.

  26. Omg, I never get likes on my comments.

  27. thats a apple phone a realy like and own Fast , easy to handle and the size and has earphone jack , the only thing im disappointed is if you compare the end of the frame around on the 5S models Is totaly glossy and shine polished and looks wherry like a diamant the SE model insted is just matt not high polished looks some cheaper and for this price you expect more desing not less than a 5s especialy from a company named apple .

  28. The way she’s handling it makes me nervous

  29. I’m so exited because I’m going to get a iPhone X max

  30. I like how she talk to Phones

  31. 2012-2013 before the iphone plus series[unboxing the iphone 5 and says it is soo big]2014-2018[unboxing the iphone se and says it is soo small like a baby] and i am like BRUH

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