iPhone 7 – 20+ Tips and Tricks you NEED to see!

Welcome to my Hints, Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features video for the new Apple iPhone 7 on iOS 10! ➽ Subscribe (IT’S FREE): CONNECT …


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41 Thoughts to “iPhone 7 – 20+ Tips and Tricks you NEED to see!”

  1. You can also change the font and colour of subtitles in settings

  2. Uhh u can do most of this stuff on 6 too

  3. Who was watching this on the iPhone 7

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  5. Very well presented..nice and crisp. Keep it up.

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  7. How do I "force touch"? Every time I try it just makes the apps jiggle so they can be deleted.

  8. Yeah …. Galaxy is definitely better than the i7

  9. How come these didn't work on my iPhone 7

  10. Google practically had all of these things

  11. Wow you watch Pete as well that's cool man.

  12. The song is Bakermat – Teach me

  13. Most of these aren't iPhone 7 tips… they're iOS 10 tips

  14. Banging my head on the table for like 90% of the features have existed on android. I'll give the raw picture format and the quick zoom in on something that's pretty cool but my old galaxy s4 has everything else.

  15. Please make a budget Bluetooth earbuds video please 🙂

  16. Damn! Even though I got no iPhone7 and was not interested in it but now I realize how wrong I was! You should have Apple as your sponsor cuz they are gonna see a huge increase in their sales 😉

  17. "siri show me photos with vagina"
    siri: sorry there are no pictures with vagina in your gallery.

  18. please do headphones under 100 over ear would be nice but any type is good too

  19. Hey, are you getting the new S7 Note Edge? I had one, but replaced it. I just preordered the S7 note edge (with the better battery) so I CAN'T WAIT! GETTING ONE SATURDAY :D! By the way, if you want to get it but you haven't pre ordered it, hurry fast, they're going fast <:o

  20. these sound more like iOS 10 features rather than iPhone 7 secret features. Most of these are available on the previous iphones with iOS 10

  21. I've always wanted an Android phone, but I'm now realizing I should not be completely wiping Apple products off of the table as options.

  22. meh, half that stuff made me think, they didn't have that already? I'm still happy in the stone ages with my Oneplus One.

  23. you are one of the best tech YouTubers out there Bro keep it up

  24. I hate iphones, but I watched this vid anyway. you made it look great aswell XD also, what game would you recommend for android??????

  25. i'm sure i am not the only one who wants the product prizes in euros…just saying keep up the amazing work!!

  26. have you kept like a huge library of like 20 preshot videos to upload daily

  27. You did release it by accident because u spelled ur name wrong u wrote mrwhotEhboss

  28. most of them are actully ios 10 tips and not iphone 7 tips cause you can get ios 10 on other apple devices

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