iOS 11 bugs are so widespread they now seem in Apple adverts

iOS 11 bugs are so typical they now look in Apple ads

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52 Thoughts to “iOS 11 bugs are so widespread they now seem in Apple adverts”

  1. i just want imessage to put my texts in order

  2. I don’t see what everyone is complaining about, iOS 11 hasn’t given me anyJEHEUIFOFI BEICNEKFOEBDKDBWBZJBFJABDAKICJWBDJSLSHGESKDGH

  3. I was watching YouTube today and after exiting my home bar was on the left side of my iPhone (not only was it visibly there, it was only functional from there). Took a hard reset to get it back to normal. Slow clap apple.

    **soft reset, hard reset, I used the wrong term, who really gives a shit??

  4. Not sure if I pity or envy people oblivious enough to defend that this isn’t a bug when they don’t realize the sloppy design themselves.

  5. Ios11 hasn’t had any issues for me personally but I’m all for this publicity as Apple focusing on bug fixes is never a bad thing. The novelty of frequent UI changes is long gone I just want the phone to function

  6. Ya Apple, fix your shit

  7. I’m regularly put off by The Verge’s smugness.

  8. iOS 11 has been a huge disaster. My iPhone 6s+ restarts almost 5 times a day randomly on iOS 11.2.6.

    So freakin frustrating!

  9. Well, someone from Apple just got fired.

  10. does anyone get the one where the camera is black and nothing works but a reboot?

  11. Does anyone else, besides me, think an ad of which the focus is on a biometric security system — showing many locks clearly not belonging to the young lady opening with just a look — is ridiculous?

  12. Yeah it’d be great if everything didn’t disappear from my lock screen. It forces me to reboot it just to see the time or pass code number pad.

  13. Just give us iOS 10 back

  14. The amount of small but annoying bugs was enough to make me move to samsung.

    IOS was so clean and easy to use but it went downhill since iOS 9.

  15. Nothing here convincing me to upgrade from 10.3.3 (just don’t send me telegu)

  16. Inreallynloventhenkeyboardnchangesnapplenhasnmade

  17. You’re just looking at it too fast. Reduce your cognition and eye speed and it will appear normally.

  18. Once job died iOS is just careless and shit.

  19. Oftentimes when I swipe for the camera from the lock screen, I just get a black screen with a loading circle. It takes having to go back to the lock screen, and do it again, to actually get the camera to come up. Anyone else have this bug?

    It drives me insane, because oftentimes when I’m swiping for the camera, it means I want to take a picture of something *right now*. I’ve definitely missed time-sensitive shots because of this shit. I’ve done a factory-reset, and still nothing.

    Also, my iPhone 8+ is just a piece of shit in general. It’s slow as all hell, and I only have 50/256 GB used, so it’s not that. Apps hang frequently, especially when switching between them. I thought this thing has a state-of-the-art processor? Doesn’t feel like an upgrade from my old 6, other than the better camera. Honestly, it feels like a shittier phone than all the other iPhones I’ve had, usability-wise.

    Really not loving the direction Apple is taking 🙁 Shame, because I love their ecosystem. Wyd, Apple?!

  20. Is anyone else getting keyboard lag when texting?

  21. Does anyone else’s phone lag for a half second when you’re typing a text and it wraps around to go to another line? Resetting my phone works but it’s temporary and literally all my texts lag as I type them out. This is honestly the most annoying bug and totally defeated the purpose of upgrading from a 6 to an 8 🙁

  22. I still have iOS 9.3.2 on my SE. AMA.

  23. What this AD taught me is that an apple security flaw can unlock every lock in the world with just 1 face.nice apple.

  24. Interesting, typically phone or computer screens are comped in afterwards. If that’s the case some generalist is in real trouble.

  25. Just the past two days I’ve had videos and gifs on Reddit and safari just suddenly not play or load

  26. Not familiar with hard deadlines?? I see.

  27. does anyone else find it harder to access their control center? i find my control center to be unresponsive at times

  28. Seeing all these iOS bug posts going around and wanting to upgrade from my 6S+ next week, is the hardware in the 8+ worth dealing with bugs until we see iOS 12?

  29. How about notification shade crashes. Brutal!

  30. I get two bugs all the time.

    The first one is for some reason, my wallpaper will turn to solid black and it’ll go back to normal if I press the screen. As soon as I let go, it goes back to black.

    The second one is whenever I get a text, it says “in 1 minute”. I thought that was reported all the way back in 11.0. Still hasn’t gotten fixed, I guess.

    iOS 11 is a mess.

  31. I don’t update my operating system anymore. I’m done with that. I’m at 11.0.2 and I’m not budging.

  32. The Verge is a bug. No question.

  33. Ios 11 is horrid. They need to go back to the basics.

  34. Are we sure that this is a actual bug? I’m not saying that IOS isn’t buggy as shit but don’t they sort of animate these commercials or alter the appearance of the phones they show off to make them appeal better?

  35. This is why I switched to Android 🙁

  36. just bought a new ipad on ios 10.something and after my iphone 7 plus being on ios 11 since the fall….. might have to wait til ios 12 for my ipad 😅

  37. I didn’t see it the first time but now it’s all I see… wow

  38. I’m confused. Aside from texts not sending in order, ios11 works flawlessly on my X probably because my X is optimized for it.
    I doubt I’ll be updating to iOS 12 until it’s time for a new phone anyways.

  39. iOS has always had its problems. I’ve had n iPhone since the beginning and every device I’ve owned has had bugs that get fixed with a restart. This happens on all electronics. When a device has been turned on for too long, there comes a time when it gets buggy and needs to restart. It’s the bugs that don’t go away that are annoying, but again. This is all devices. Gone are the days of Apple where they had the best software and the whole “but they make the best products so their stuff should work” their crap is crap. I switched over to android for a few months and loved almost everything about it, except their stupid texting. It’s no match for iMessage.

  40. Bugs so common that I’ve never ever had one on any iPhone I’ve ever had.

    I’m sorry you idiots disagree with me.

  41. Is anyone brown here? Does Face ID work well

  42. a UI animation timing issue is not really comparable in any way with security issues…

  43. Thats not a bug. Thats just animation! Verge will never stop bashing apple for no reason.

  44. This article was also posted on /r/Apple and they’re legit idiots. A massive circle jerk about how it’s a bug when it isn’t at all. Phone went from displaying the FaceID iMessage notification bubble to the unlocked message bubble. The gif of “evidence” is the bubble expanding to encompass the text. It’s not evidence of a bug, it’s evidence of the OS doing what it’s supposed to do: expand when needed.

  45. “Bugs”; only one bug shown.

  46. I was just kidding I haven’t had a single issue with iOS 11 on my 7 plus.

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