How To Get Perfect iPhone Battery Life

Battery life is probably one of the most talked about subjects when it comes to iOS, iDevices, and technology in general. A lot of you struggle with battery life on …


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21 Thoughts to “How To Get Perfect iPhone Battery Life”

  1. If you charge your battery at 50%, so it will take 2 charges to complete 1 cycle. It’s essentially the same thing, you can’t outsmart the device by charging at 40% … Tbh, not everyone can have the habit or access to recharge halfway through the day, everyone needs a complete day of 1 charge. Period.

  2. So do you just it up to 100%? And do you use your phone while charging? Answer please!

  3. Great video,thanks alot😀😀😀

  4. is it bad i have 99% after 8 months?

  5. I’m at 71% after about 5 hrs of heavy usage like Snapchat and YouTube the whole time (iPhone X) is this good? I’m at 95% battery health at peak performance

  6. My 7 plus is on 100% still, my 5s is somewhere like 85% and is quite worn but lasts a good few hours tysm though

  7. thankyou for your Video ..^^

  8. I recently upgraded my 6s plus to an iPhone X and 1 week later purchased an Apple watch. my battery life is horrible! I charged it last night and only went on facebook 4 times and made one quick call and my battery is down to 21% I have put it down to the Apple watch draining the iPhone battery. is there any tweaks to fix this?

  9. Good video but I'm not agree when you said its better to charge your phone when its at 40% or higher. Its not important at all IMO, you'll lose a cycle as fast as someone who just charge when his phone is at 10% and you, who put 2 times your phone at charge during the day, and recharge at night with 60% left. And for battery healt, you have to have a little luck. Over the years, I always used my phones the same way, and some had extremely good battery health over 2 yearrs, and others don't.

  10. Dude said raise to wake affects battery life lol

  11. Nothing else impacts your battery life but usage. Everything else is a myth

  12. My battery has held up pretty well. I don’t charge it every day and I generally use it quite a lot throughout the day for emails, web browsing and calls + texts. I havent charged now in 20 hours and I’m on 27%.

    Really impressed with the iPhone X so far –

    Tip: never leave your iPhone on charge overnight. It keeps the phone overpowered and puts the battery under stress. So it gives it a false accuracy of the power levels. The phone is over worked all night and it effects the battery,

  13. Hey should Bluetooth be left on if you have a mac for handoff

  14. What is your editing software?

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