Getting started with Reddit

So, what exactly is Reddit and how to get started? Tried a new format in this video (wanted to do this for a long time), let me know if you like it or not, in the …


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22 Thoughts to “Getting started with Reddit”

  1. All demonstrations are good except accents

  2. So even though I downloaded already I really haven’t used it yet because I’m still a little lost and don’t understand everything about it and it’s purpose…!!!

  3. Step 1. Post something mildly controversial
    Step 2. Get shadow banned for wrongthink

    Congratulations. You are now Redditing.

  4. How do you change your reddit profile picture on android?

  5. Reddit totally ripped off rule 34.

  6. Lou

    yeah this honestly didnt tell me anything about how to navigate all subjects in a subreddit , just a stubborn search and you didnt even show about that and how the limit to subreddit etc works..

  7. Would love another video on this topic!

  8. If you value your sanity just don't visit /r/india aka randia.

  9. Great topic..
    Thanks for 100 subs so fast…keep supporting…😘😘😘

  10. your videos are first class. Thank you

  11. Nice editing bro

    I love ur editing

  12. how to change profile picture?

  13. how to clear internal storage while wiping system

  14. Using facebook from last 5 years and reddit for 1 year and I'll say the truth- Reddit is the best

  15. make a video again, getting confused a lot

  16. please upload a video about download 2k 17 for free pls………..

  17. can u make a video about how to fix internet connected but browsers are not working
    plz plz

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