Do you sell your iPhones before you upgrade?

I’m curious what others do when they look to upgrade to the latest iPhone? To get top value for it do you sell your iPhone on eBay before the newest one is released? If so what device do you use in the interim until the iPhone is released?

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13 Thoughts to “Do you sell your iPhones before you upgrade?”

  1. I need a phone. So when I buy the latest iPhone, I sell my previous one. I don’t think it matters that much in sales value. Mostly the new phones are introduced and it takes time before it’s available. And you also do not know precisely what the new generation will be. So it’s kind of a risk to sell it before the new ones are released.

  2. This isn’t really helpful to your query, but I keep them all, unless somewhere is offering a great trade-in promo.

  3. No. I’ve never sold (or even thrown away) any of my previous Apple devices.

    All are in use by family members as hand me downs in some form (except for the ones which have been stolen, or suffered fatal accidents…)

    Edit: actually, that’s not true… my PowerMac 7220 became the victim of ‘you can’t keep both… choose one’ and lost out to my PowerMac G4 Digital Audio.

    I’m dreading the day I have to make the same choice of it against the G4 Mini.

  4. I don’t. I don’t upgrade phones often so it’s usually not have much value left. I have kept the 4s, 5s and 6s Plus 64GB even though I recently got it replaced with a refurbished unit by Apple when I sent it in for a battery replacement. I could get like $350 for it as it’s wrapped and everything. That’s the only one that’s held a lot of value by the time I upgraded.

  5. I always keep the previous phone in storage while I use whatever is the latest one I have as a backup in case I break my current one and it will take some time to get it replaced. After that, I pass it over to family since they have very simple needs.

    Although – while I currently use a 6S and my last one was a 5c, my mom currently uses the 5c because her phone suffered a catastrophic failure. So now I don’t have a fallback phone.

  6. Always sold it after purchasing the new phone so I have something to use in the mean time.

    On a separate note, I’ve noticed the resale value on phones is a lot less than what I remember it used to be. Remember trying to sell my iPhone 7 Plus with various accessories and best I was being offered was £350. This was 7 months or so after it was released, remember phones especially the Apple phones always commanding a higher resale price.

  7. I plan on keeping my 6S Plus for another year or two since I just got it’s battery replaced for $29. It feels like new again. I imagine it won’t have much value when its 4-5 years old.

  8. I’m pleased with my 7+ in general and wouldn’t sell if it weren’t for T-Mobile (T-Maybe). Worst carrier ever in terms of coverage and usability. I’m in a major metro area and it still sucks very often. 1-2 bars LTE = Literally no coverage. Same with the other phones in my family on TMO. Going back to Verizon in Feb. Guess I’ll sell then or trade in maybe…

  9. I sell it right after I get my new phone.

  10. I’ve sold a few on Craigslist, usually taking a 50% depreciation hit after two years.

    When I work out the math on special offers I usually decide to keep my phone because they want to profit from being convenient, not because they’re part of a manufacture sponsored discount. Keeping it as a back up makes sense, or leaving it as a toy for kids.

  11. Two of my first three phones (3GS, 4, 4S) were handed down to me (the 4 was bought refurbished) and all three went to the drawer due to age. Then I used two Android phones; the switch was due to a carrier change, but the first Android phone got smashed up just weeks after the switch (because I hated the new phone and used the old one for a few weeks after). The second Android phone occupies our spare mobile line after I got a repaired handed down iPhone 6 early in 2017. That phone is now handed down as my little sister’s first phone, as I bought an 8 Plus of my own this past winter.

    That said, if I wasn’t handing down the 6, I would have either sent it in for Apple trade value or sold it online. (I was actually paid the amount of the Apple trade in to give it to my sister.)

    That said, I did sell my 2017 iPad to a relative’s coworker after posting it online, so I could get the 2018 iPad. My 2010 iPad is still drawer bound because I used it daily until 2015 and it’s now a collectible, else it would have been sold years ago.

  12. I always sell mine in August before the inevitable September Keynote. I always have at least one Android phone lying around so I use that in the interim before the new model goes on sale.

  13. I keep all of mine, just Incase my main one breaks, or I wanna just go back to it and remember how iOS 11 will be like (Not updating my iPhone 8 Plus past iOS 11 unless I have to)

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