Diy Iphone Lenses TFX television set # 1

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Apple iphone Lenses To see much more of my online video: Vimeo: Internet site: Fb:


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13 Thoughts to “Diy Iphone Lenses TFX television set # 1”

  1. Step down is what you use on the wide angle as adapter for the CPL . I mean strange thing in previous message. I do not know if it is good but I use sometime an CPL 37mm and than op the CPL the wide angle attached. On this way is there no edge but I'm not sure if the CPL do his thing than… I can only hope. Second, which (Belgium) software I need to buy to remove the edges in video. Thanks

  2. Step down for using smaller CPL? I use 46,49,62 and 72mm wide angle lenses and some of them give in use same size little edges. I previous film I saw you cut the edges of the video take. I use pinnacle studio 12 ultimate, I guesses that the software is to old for removing edges, I didn't find how to anyway.

  3. any idea on why your site comes in chinese/japanese?

  4. great video, pal! thanks a lot.

  5. nice, Look my DIY iphone lens 10×50, i mounted it on DIY motorized tripod on video

  6. Hey thanks for the information.

  7. I use a Nikon wc-e24 that gives me a .66x wide angle. Nice and sharp. For 2x telephoto I use a Nikon tc-e2. I have a similar setup where I attached an adapter ring to my OtterBox holster. Works great.

  8. Where I can buy all of this?

  9. Thank you so much man! when will your video on filters be out

  10. amazing intro and great video. I subscribed! check out my tech vids too

  11. nice video:), where can i find this kind of lens?
    and how to make the ring stick on defender?

  12. Thank you so much for this video. I have an Owle bubo and hate the vignetting. I'll be On my way to b&h.

  13. good one. i have a wide on my iphone. good for shooting your self when vlogging

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