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16 Thoughts to “Apollo is a Gorgeous iOS Reddit Client from an Ex Apple Employee”

  1. How do u use the filters. Like top, controversial, hot??

  2. It lacks the push notifications feature;(

  3. was searching voor reddit memes ended up here

  4. This app is legit. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. N M

    Using Pro version since afternoon, I found it OK…Nothing great. The interface is still boring. it is definitely not looking app made in 2017…using Narwhal and Orginal Reddit app but didn't find anything significantly improved to switch. I believe Reddit has a great content but a lot of that is hidden somewhere and you really need to dig it in. May Reddit only can make themselves better by using AI learning to show me what I might be interested in.

  6. I'm sorry if I sound greedy but, you can't post unless you pay?

  7. Meh, it's okay but not good enough to sway me away from narwhal!!

  8. i don't use reddit, is there any reason i should start?

  9. Can I get a link to the wallpaper?

  10. it's not on the app store…?

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