Is losing AirPods really that big of a deal or is it more to do with the type of person one is? Contemplating the purchase. Any help?

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  1. Haven’t lost my airpods once. When you take them off just put them immediately in the charging case. Other than that I think Apple has added a find my airpod feature but I haven’t had to use it yet.

    I also have one of these which helps as well: [](

  2. I have never lost one or come close to it. They stay in my ear and once I take them out I put them in their case. I can’t see a scenario where you would lose the case, it’s just as possible as losing other headphones, if it happens well bad luck. But no I wouldn’t say there is a bigger chance of losing them unless you are someone who doesn’t keep track of them and just throws them in a bag separately.

  3. Had my pair 14 months now, never lost them. They don’t fall out of my ears either. I have a routine which I use which has meant, touch wood , that I never lost a phone, wallet in my life. My AirPods always go back in the case after use, the case is so easy that it’s not a chore. During the week it’s always in my top shirt pocket, weekend it’s my right front jeans pocket. Phone is always in my left pocket. At home I put it on my table , with my watch, keys, wallet . I know that sounds a bit OCD but 😊, keeping things in the same place really helps.

  4. I almost lost them twice in my room within a week of getting them. And they’re too distracting and small to the point that I’m tempted to pull them out and use them or fidget with the case/pods even in chaotic public environments. Combine that with a lack of sound isolation and I returned them before I could actually lose one.

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