2016 Chevrolet Volt Linked Expert services and Apple Automobile Engage in Demonstration

New for Volt in 2016, Chevrolet’s new MyLink system with an 8-inch-diagonal coloration touchscreen is compatible with Apple CarPlay, which places Apple iphone attributes …


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16 Thoughts to “2016 Chevrolet Volt Linked Expert services and Apple Automobile Engage in Demonstration”

  1. Please add WAZE. I am an Apple person, but Apple maps truly sucks. Also how can I watch a YouTube Video while charging my new Bolt? Thanks, Nella

  2. Having built in wifi is a nice feature but it is somewhat redundant. I have Tmobile service and naturally, as with most phones, have wifi hotspot capabilities. It offers the same amount of LTE connectivity to passengers as well. Chevy boast that it's wifi has a stronger connection. In my test, the signal strength was on par or even better than the OnStar wifi. Why have two data plans? Well, if you have ATT, then you're in luck. Me, not so much. I'll just stick to my phone.

  3. I dont care about apple carplay, I just want to know how do I get a white interior for my volt?

  4. Dude! Little difference between your insanely loud intro/outro audio and the clip audio? Jesus, it almost blew my eardrums out at the end. Normalize your audio!

  5. And what is the price after 3 months

  6. why doens't the equinox come with carplay? 🙁

  7. I have a 2016 Chevy Malibu and I try to hook it up is not recognizing my phone at all and also download the app that's called droid auto and is still not working what am I doing wrong

  8. yes, it works with android devices.

  9. Wow. After seeing Car Play, I definitely want Android Auto. It"s much nicer looking

  10. Idea is good but the vehicle itself? WHY, WHY there is 8" display? We all know that 12" cost maybe 10% more. So adding 40$ to vehicle cost is not reasonable NOT TO DO!

  11. Sad that a car company sells it's sole to one form of cell service. they Just alienated all android users. WHY?

  12. it should, android is the most dominated

  13. Does it work with android too?

  14. @TDII managed the audio problem by increasing the level. Hope that helps!

  15. Audio level is too low. 🙁

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