12v Battery – 4 Tips to Prolong Its Life

This is a battery operated world. There is a high demand for batteries for mp3s, cellphones, laptops and digital cameras. One thing is for sure that as technologies advance, 12v batteries advance too. They must be smaller, have more power and of course, last longer.

I remember the time that I had to throw away my batteries just because they did not work anymore. No more though! The demands have changed the way we think and thanks to professionals, there is a way. It is called recondition. Reconditioning can give your 12v battery, or any battery more life.

Let me lay down for you a 4 tips on 12V battery tips:

1. Reconditioning is required when crystals develop (sulfation) inside the battery causing loss of power. The best process is by slowing discharging them. That means, to slowly "throw away" any energy left inside.

2. If storing your batteries, then make it properly. Before storing it just fully charge the battery. Avoid humidity, and make sure nothing get in contact with the poles, which may get the power to "slip away" I use special caps to protect them – if you do not have or can not find, use normal plastic foil.

3. If the battery has crystals inside, the so called sulfation, you can remove it by infusing some additives specifically for batteries and allowing the battery to rest.

4. If you do not already know, keep the battery in a refrigerator overnight and recharge it next morning. Repeating two to three times in this way it can actually make the battery work for another three to four hours.

Source by Adam J. Roberts

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